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Years ago, I sat in the Spear campus Manji Boardroom shoulder to shoulder with Imtiaz Manji, Dr. Martin Mendelson and 16 specialists. One by one, they expressed their frustrations and obstacles.

I recall listening to the issues and feeling astonished at how similar they were even though the practices were each unique. We shared feedback, offered solutions, and took a hard look at the realities facing specialists and their teams.

Many things have changed since that day when Spear Masters Program was conceived in that conference room. Still, my passion for helping specialists become stronger leaders, create alignment and accountability within their teams, and achieve their practice goals, remains strong as we announce a Masters Program relaunch.

This relaunch provides you with:

  • Greater access to coaching resources
  • Small group learning opportunities for your team
  • An in-depth training program for new and existing team members
  • Advanced strategic planning tools and assets.

Sustained focus on the needs of dental specialist practices

When Dr. Mendelson and I were recently given the opportunity to reimagine Masters Program, I felt as if I was back in that original conference room. Together we mapped out the next steps for veteran members and new alike. It was exciting to express our own challenges and issues and brainstorm new solutions.

When we initially launched Masters Program, it comprised of just 16 specialists. Over the course of that first year, we provided content and different strategies to create efficiencies and streamline their practices. At the end of that year, almost all the specialists increased total production by 20% or more. That’s when we realized there was something exceptional here that we needed to consider expanding.

In 2017 we started our second beta group of 44 specialists and again most participants experienced phenomenal growth. That year, we officially announced Masters Program at Spear Summit and more than 100 specialists signed on to participate.

Since 2018 we’ve been hosting campus workshops, providing coaching, and expanding the tools and resources available to members — including the Strategic Planning Tool. From day one, the Masters Program team has been committed to providing a strategic approach to helping specialists grow their practices from the inside, but also externally by establishing and strengthening referral relationships.

This program wouldn’t be what it is today without the passion, wisdom, and leadership of Imtiaz Manji. Although he formally retired in July, we are grateful for the path he’s paved and the guidance he’s shared with faculty and Masters Program specialist practices. It is with this same passion and thoughtfulness that Dr. Mendelson and I plan to lead and expand Masters Program.

Action. Accountability. Alignment.

In Masters Program, it has always been our desire to help specialists feel empowered and supported. One way we provide support is through coaching.

We have three amazing coaches who have extensive experience in dentistry, have completed hundreds of hours of training, and are committed to your success. These individuals are dedicated to listening to you, engaging with your team, and providing the right tools and resources to help your practice evolve.

With the relaunch of Masters Program, we are going to practice what we teach. In our workshops, you'll notice we talk a lot about periodic meetings. Each meeting has its framework and purpose, but all are equally important. As a Masters Program member, you'll receive quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily touchpoints or resources.

The Masters Program provides a framework of implementation for you and your team. However, we cannot implement these strategies for you. That’s why we’re introducing a new Alignment Agreement to create mutual understanding and clear expectations for the program, including:

Quarterly leadership calls (doctor and office manager)

Establishing a regular communication cadence is an essential part of Masters Program. Each quarter you will have a leadership call with your coach to discuss the drivers of success and effectively implement them in your practice. This new coaching framework will help foster mutual accountability so we can support you as you work to achieve your goals.

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Monthly group coaching sessions (PRD and team)

Every month your professional relationship director, or PRD, will a group coaching session facilitated by your coach. During the session, the coach will present a new concept or strategy and provide plenty of time for open discussions and best practice sharing. We've been piloting the group coaching program since June and have seen phenomenal results with our PRDs. Each session has a study club atmosphere and creates a unique learning experience for everyone that attends.

Weekly office hours (doctor and team)

We are here for you when you need us. Our coaching team will host open office hours weekly to address any questions that may come up between scheduled coaching calls. If you or someone on your team has a question or concern, join the next open office hour session to get instant access to a Masters Program coach.

Daily resources (doctor and team) and PRD Immersion Program

In addition to the more than 60 hours of coaching time, you will have access to innovative strategies and resources through your Strategic Planning Tool and Spear Online. Our newest solution is Daily 5, which helps simplify your Perfect Day meeting and provides role-specific key drivers. It also includes professional growth components for each role and bookends for the day to create clarity and alignment among the team.

We also launched a brand-new PRD Immersion Program. This is a comprehensive 12-week training program designed to introduce a new PRD to the foundational concepts of Masters Program and provide a clear roadmap to success. PRD Immersion is essential for anyone new to the PRD role, but it can also help experienced PRDs sharpen their skills and refocus their priorities. We've also included an optional lesson for new hires without previous dental experience that introduces key dental terminology and concepts.

Your goals are our goals

Everyone on the Masters Program team is dedicated to finding creative solutions to the challenges you and your team face each day.

Over the last decade, we have partnered with thousands of specialists through our Study Club and Masters Program platforms. We have learned as much as we've taught, if not more!

The time and energy we put into creating content, building workshops, and coaching you and your teams reflects our own dedication to Great Dentistry. That's why we've worked diligently to create a comprehensive program that can help any specialist meet their unique practice goals. We hope that you are as excited about the future of Masters Program as we are.

Aimee Fletcher, M.A.Ed., is a member of Spear Resident Faculty


Commenter's Profile Image Nora A.
October 29th, 2020
Congratulations Aimee, beautiful article! So grateful to be part of the Masters Program!
Commenter's Profile Image Paulette D.
November 2nd, 2020
Great article Aimee. Well Done!! Looking forward to our continued growth at Spear. Thank you for all your support, Paulette