Editor's Note for July 2023:

Spear is excited to announce that there is a new version of the Spear Online mobile app now available in the Apple app store! 

Spear Online iOS 2.0 has the following updates:

New Design for Navigation

Spear Online iOS 2.0 has updated navigational architecture to align with the latest iOS app standards that provide enhanced user experience, particularly on tablets.

  • On iPhone, users receive pop-over side navigation functionality that can be accessed from the menu icon.
  • The menu icon will be highlighted on first use of the new version to acclimate users quickly to the change.
  • iPad navigation is similarly revised and allows for multi-column viewing, which enables users to perform functions like search while seeing the results simultaneously on the same screen, enhancing search refinement and finding the content they are looking for.

Split-View Functionality

Users can now utilize the Spear Online app and other apps at the same time.

  • This improvement provides an optimal experience for users performing other tasks such as taking notes or scheduling team meetings while they are viewing Spear Online content.

Improved Off-Line Messaging

When a user’s device goes offline while using the app, there is now see prominent messaging notifying the user why they are not able to access all the features and directing them where to access their downloaded courses (which are available for offline play).


man on a cell phone, in the foreground is a Spear customer profile.

Editor's Note: Original Launch Article from 2021:

​Between patient care and the rigors of running a business, independent dental practices have enough on their collective plates, especially coming through a turbulent 2020.

There's a greater need these days for mobility and versatility with information, including with dental continuing education – to have the entire dental team's CE in the palm of your hand and to use a single platform to track the practice's progress toward shared goals.

With the recently updated Spear Online mobile app, dentists can download courses for offline viewing, which makes it easier for them to complete their own clinical CE and have greater understanding of the depth of courses, lessons, webinars, team training resources, Patient Education videos and other materials available on the platform known as the “Gateway to Great Dentistry.”

The app updates provide Spear Online members with efficient mobile access to check on the entire team's progress with assigned courses and clinical topics that are most relevant to the individual practice. Updates are part of Spear's constant engagement with members to improve how the entire practice team engages with their CE.

With the Spear Online mobile app, it's now easier to implement practice-wide training through these enhanced features:

  • Download CE courses and lessons to learn on the go, or whenever Wi-Fi is unavailable, for a richer learning experience that mirrors your desktop learning while traveling.
  • Add enhanced team details and track your practice's progress directly through the app.
  • Rely on a forgot-password update that is now faster and more streamlined.

Being able to watch offline and complete quizzes for CE credit from anywhere gives every role in the dental practice greater comfort with learning. The app automatically tracks your progress and synchs to your account once you are back within Wi-Fi range.

Members can download or update the app in the Apple Store and take advantage of the added flexibility with taking Spear Online on the go.

Enhanced Spear Online Profile to track the dental team's progress

Spear Online members can now highlight specific personal, practice and learning goals, as well as key details about their practices, through an enhanced profile feature.

This information will provide the member's Customer Success Manager with the information they need to provide customized recommendations to help dentists and their teams make the most of their Spear membership.

Members can complete the profile today or contact their CSM with questions for help filling it out, or for any assistance with identifying their team's learning goals.


Commenter's Profile Image Andrew M.
July 26th, 2021
So, the android app has been cancelled without any notice???