creating an email newsletter

Email newsletters are an important component to any marketing strategy. They can help systematically build relations with your Outreach Community and ensure regular communication with your Inner Community and Outer Community.

Now, Spear has released a new Masters Program course designed to help clinicians and professional relationship directors to produce more engaging email newsletters.

In “Newsletters for Inner and Outer Communities,” Adam McWethy, Spear’s Vice President of Marketing, explains how to effectively construct, design and deliver a newsletter to bolster referrals and maintain strong relationships with your Inner Community and Outer Community. He provides insights into the three stages of the buyer’s journey and how to establish a brand and convey it in newsletter communications. The course offers strategies to regularly generate quality content and even how to curate content from Spear Digest.

When it comes to layout and design, various email marketing platforms are discussed, including Constant Contact, MailChimp and other platforms and tools. In addition, tracking terminology is explained so a newsletter’s performance can be accurately measured.

Doctors and PRDs will walk away from this course more confident in their ability to:

  • Understand the buyer’s journey and how it applies to Inner Community, Outer Community and Outreach Community
  • Create a newsletter with value
  • Find newsletter content ideas for a specialist’s practice
  • Understand the fundamentals of email marketing platforms, like Constant Contact and MailChimp

Email marketing is one of the least expensive digital marketing strategies a specialist can implement, especially when it is used as an extension of the rest of your digital marketing efforts.