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Spear Masters Program

Specialist Workshops to Drive Practice Growth

Deepen and broaden
your referral base

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Uncover the Power of Your Referral Relationships

Discover solutions to address interdisciplinary priorities

With decades’ experience fostering strong interdisciplinary teams, Spear has developed concise universal strategies proven to drive specialist practice growth in today’s rapidly changing marketplace.

After three years of development, the “Mastering the Exceptional Specialist Practice” workshop was introduced to equip endodontists and surgical specialists — and their teams — to tackle the unique challenges of managing a successful specialist practice.



Achieve Your Individual Practice Goals

The challenges of running a specialist practice can seem daunting as you juggle clinical, financial and family priorities to achieve your ideal work/life balance.

In the “Mastering the Exceptional Specialist Practice” workshop, our faculty and coaches introduce actionable steps to:

Deepen and broaden your referral base

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Understand practice capacity and roadblocks to achieving it

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Establish team

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Learn strategies for sustainable growth

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Why Should You Attend?

The 212-day “Mastering the Exceptional Specialist Practice” workshop helps you strengthen relationships with your referring doctors, both in and out of your current network, so you can grow your practice to meet your goals.

Tuition covers the doctor and one team member. Additional doctors from the same practice can attend for an additional fee.

The workshop is designed to assist clinicians that answer YES to any of these
crucial questions:

  • You have five top referrers, but do you need a plan to replace one if they stop referring?
  • Are you frustrated with the skill levels and diagnostic abilities of your referral base doctors?
  • Would you like to work less and keep the same income?
  • Are you considering adding an associate or partner, or concerned about comfortable retirement?
  • Could you benefit from a scheduling template to help you optimize revenue without adding hours?
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Tailored Content and Training

At Spear, we’ve been shaping successful interdisciplinary teams for more than 10 years. The Masters Program workshop was introduced following three years of testing with a variety of top specialists across the U.S. to identify what it truly takes to build leadership skills, bolster referrals and align your team on goals for sustainable growth.

The workshop provides you and your team with access to:

  • Tailored content for specialists, including strategy playbooks that lay out clear steps to efficiently address your specific practice challenges
  • Guidelines to develop your own professional relationship director, or PRD — a role that serves as an ambassador between your practice and referring practices
  • Additional CE resources from the Spear learning ecosystem to reinforce lessons relevant to your team and referral network
  • Coaching and support to implement more effective work systems in your practice


Your Peers are Seeing Measurable Results

Specialists share the impact the “Mastering the Exceptional Specialist Practice” workshop has had on their practices.