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Masters Program


Leadership Excellence
for Specialist Practice Growth

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Masters Program

What is the Masters Program?

The landscape of dentistry is rapidly changing.

To stay ahead of the evolving industry, Spear has spent the last several years listening to and innovating closely with a small group of specialists to develop the Spear Masters Program.

The Masters Program is designed for specialists who are also study club leaders looking to further elevate their leadership skills, transform interdisciplinary referral relationships and master practice growth strategies. It professionalizes the relationship development role to grow and engage the referral community, working together with the implant/treatment coordinator to maintain and enhance community and patient relationships.

Benefits of Masters Program
Dr. Jay Platt

Dr. Jay Platt

"I have seen an increase of about 150 implant cases alone. I'm sure that's not just coincidence."

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Dr. Jeanne Salcetti

Dr. Jeanne Salcetti

"Since completing the program, I have been consistently exceeding my goal, which I thought was high, by $20,000 to $30,000 a month. It's time for me to raise the bar again."

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Dr. Joan Greco

Dr. Joan Greco

"We have tripled the gross income we bring in on most days and we're seeing increases in monthly production of more than $100,000 over the previous year"

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Dr. Mark Sutor

Dr. Mark Sutor

"The first full month since we have implemented our plans ... was easily our best month of the year. We ended up doing around $26,000 more in production over the year before."

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You Will:

  • Transform interdisciplinary referral relationships into true partnerships about patient care
  • Elevate and deepen leadership skills to affect change
  • Master practice growth strategies and maximize the value of your time

Your Practice Will:

  • Establish more restorative referral predictability
  • See more cases — both simple and complex, with patients arriving ready for treatment
  • Develop sustainable practice growth

Your Team Will:

  • Deepen relationships with each other, with referring general practitioners and their teams
  • Have more role clarity and better understand each other's roles and responsibilities
  • Understand their impact on your practice

Your Study Club Will:

  • See increased participation and engagement
  • Have more member-based cases to share and discuss
  • Receive regular, formal and structured interactions for themselves and their team

What's Included

Your annual membership in the program includes seats for up to three registrants.

One for you as the specialist, and two for your team. Seats for up to two additional registrants can be added to your membership for an additional annual fee.

Specialist and Team Workshops

$16,000 Value
  • The Spear campus experience begins with a 2.5-day workshop in Scottsdale for you and your team to learn practice growth strategies and align on growing both your existing and new referrer relationships to establish more restorative referral predictability for your practice.
  • In the second workshop, your Professional Relationship Director (PRD) and Implant/Treatment Coordinator (IC/TC) will attend a 3-day session made up of two back-to-back 1.5-day workshops — one for the PRD and one for the IC/TC. Both team members are encouraged to attend the entire 3-day session together to better understand each other's roles.
  • As a study club leader, your membership includes an exclusive invitation to the Spear Summit. Masters Program members will also attend a private 1-day pre-Summit workshop for you and the other program specialists to network, share best practices and learn the latest content and strategies to grow your practice.

The Platform

$12,000 Value
  • The Compensation Strategy is supported by a comprehensive tool that helps drive you and your team to build a pipeline of referrals. The strategy allows you to customize performance-based compensation that focuses your team in building and understanding their impact to your practice.
  • The Strategic Planning Tool allows you to execute strategies that are customized to each referring practice and focus your team to establish and track goals per referring practice, as a team.
  • The Resource Playbook gives your team 80+ different strategies (and growing) to customize to each of your referring doctors. These strategies are designed to enable your referring offices to generate a higher quality and quantity of referrals into your office. Resources include, but not limited to: practice newsletters, referral kit and portfolio booklet, team training guides, and Spear Online engagement tools.
  • Also as part of the program, your PRD will have administrative access to your Spear Study Club(s) to allow them to send and receive communications and contact your members as a group to help keep your club members engaged.


$2,000 Value
  • One-on-one coaching for your PRD provided by the program's manager and dedicated PRD workshop instructor.
  • One-on-one coaching on the Spear Ecosystem for you and your PRD provided by your dedicated Spear Study Club Advisor.
  • Coaching and consulting is supplemented by ongoing webinars sharing best practices and solving everyday practice issues.

Online Education
(Additional to Spear Online)

$2,395 Value
  • Membership includes access to online courses, tools and webinars to guide you through the steps to recruit or train a current team member to fill the role of a Professional Relationship Director (PRD). Training materials cover topics including recruiting, hiring and compensation.
  • You will have access to online courses and webinars designed to help onboard your PRD to the Spear Ecosystem as well as courses to educate your PRD on clinical and practice topics and how to engage with your referring community and their teams.
  • The program also includes online courses focused specifically on practice growth for your specialty.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is specifically designed for current Spear Study Club Leaders/Co-leaders to help grow their practices. In 2018, the program content is geared towards Leaders/Co-leaders who are surgical specialists. In 2019 and beyond, we will begin to open up the program to leaders/co-leaders across other specialties.

Yes. We are planning to expand to other specialties in the future. The 2018 program is focused on surgical because we have the most content available for this group to work with and educate their restorative doctors. We will continue to build out content for other specialists through 2018 so that we can expand the program starting in 2019.

A specialist who is not currently a leader/co-leader or member of a Spear Study Club, but is looking to start their own club, can sign a reservation agreement. The study club must be formed 60 days prior to the first workshop.

A specialist who is not currently a leader/co-leader of their own club but is a member of a Spear Study Club can join. However, they will need to start their own club 60 days prior to a workshop attendance OR be moved to a leader/co-leader position within the club. Keep in mind that only one specialist membership can be associated with an individual Spear Study Club at a time.

Yes. After you have signed the Reservation Agreement, the next step is to complete a practice profile that will be reviewed by the Program Manager and Customer Success team. If it is determined that the program may not be the right fit based on your practice goals, you will be contacted by your Spear Study Club Advisor.

The program covers three seats total – the specialist and two team members. We highly recommend the two team member seats be made up of one person that is covering the role of the Professional Relationship Director (PRD) (this can be a current team member who is either full-time or part-time focused on this role), and an implant or treatment coordinator.

Yes, additional seats can be purchased for team members (including doctors) for $995 per event.

Spear Masters Program is not included in the costs of other Spear or membership products.

Yes. The program is paid through monthly installments on an annual contract.

The workshop benefits need to be used in the same program year as your membership.

As a surgical specialist, you will come to the Spear campus two times as part of the program.

The program is developed with specific touchpoints and milestones to reach during the first year. These milestones are derived from your onboarding and practice profile information. After our regular touchpoints, including 1:1 program coaching with your team, you will be looped in to a specific plan of action to continue on your current pace or how to bridge the gap for your desired outcomes.

History of Masters Program

In 2016, Imtiaz Manji delivered a small workshop to specialists in his Master Study Club. The workshop, entitled Mastering Interdisciplinary Relationships Growth, was focused on developing and expanding the strategy of specialists hiring a “Professional Relationship Director” (PRD) in their practice to support the growth and management of referring doctors. The program was based on an idea first articulated during the Master Study Club meetings around envisioning how specialist practices must adapt to the dental market and their referring doctors by professionalizing their approach to relationship with those doctors. The specialists who participated were already study club leaders.



$795 per month
with annual contract.

Space is limited. To be eligible for Masters Program membership, you must be a Spear Study Club Leader or commit to starting a Spear Study Club within 90 days of completing a reservation agreement.

Total Value: $31,995

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