Spear has released two new courses led by Dr. Lou Berman. The first course details steps and tips for endodontic diagnosis, and the second offers guidance on how to confidently approach cases of dental trauma.

endodontic dental courses online

In "Endodontic Diagnosis," Dr. Berman discusses the various disease classifications and definitions and reviews the diagnostic tests and essential radiographic presentations involved in endodontic diagnosis. A proper endodontic diagnosis is key to successful treatment planning, and Dr. Berman breaks down best diagnostic practices to ensure the most objective diagnosis possible. 

After viewing the seven lessons in this course, clinicians will understand:

  • CBCT interpretations as they relate to endodontic diagnosis
  • The relationship between endodontic and periodontal defects
  • The various elements of non-odontogenic pain
  • The classifications of pulpal and periapical diagnosis
  • Various diagnostic tests

In "Dental Traumatology," Dr. Berman presents an evidence-based approach to clinically managing crown fractures, horizontal intra-alveolar root fractures, luxations and avulsions for both the adult and pediatric patient. He reviews epidemiology, etiology, prevention, assessment, diagnosis and management of trauma to the jaws and surrounding tissues is covered as well as concepts for the prevention and management of root resorption and other complications after trauma. 

After completing the five lessons within this course, clinicians will have a better understanding of:

  • How to assess a traumatic injury to the teeth and associated soft tissues
  • How to evaluate and manage avulsion injuries for mature and immature teeth
  • Concepts and techniques for splinting traumatically injured teeth
  • Concepts for the management of horizontal root fractures
  • Concepts, prevention and management of root resorption