Implants are one of the most common things dental professionals work with in their day-to-day practice. But how many doctors are fully confident in their ability to treat the most complex implant cases, specifically those that require interdisciplinary care?

Spear designed "Implants - The Surgical/Restorative Connection" to significantly raise the number of doctors who can answer that question with a resounding “I am!” According to Spear Resident Faculty member Dr. Gregg Kinzer, who leads the seminar alongside Dr. Jim Janakievski, this seminar addresses the essentials of implant treatment planning, implant placement, and restoration in both simple and complex situations. By discussing these issues at both the “surgical” and the “restorative” level, doctors will walk away from this seminar better prepared to plan such cases individually or with their interdisciplinary team when appropriate.

Implant dentistry is now a regular part of everyday practice,” Dr. Janakievski said. “Doctors need to know the details required to achieve predictable results … this seminar will enhance their implant practice by giving them information to confidently manage implant treatment and avoid common problems.”

Doctors can expect to be more confident in the following concepts and techniques, among others:

  • How the roles of both the restorative dentist and implant surgeon can help provide more predictable outcomes

  • How to manage the challenges created by both hard and soft tissue deficiencies (both surgically and orthodontically)

  • How and where implants should be positioned to optimize the definitive result

  • The importance and process of restoratively managing the soft tissue profile around  implant restorations

  • How to sequence the implant process from single teeth to major reconstructions through an interdisciplinary team approach

This course is designed to help every level and speciality of doctor achieve more predictable results and better outcomes, from surgeons to restorative dentists and from the single practitioner to the interdisciplinary team.

“Our goal is for everyone to learn something that they can implement in their practice to make implant dentistry less stressful and create better outcomes for their patients,” Janakievski said. “It attempts not to overwhelm the new dentists and provide them with some basic knowledge. And for the experienced dentists, it provides for them some examples and information that may enhance, confirm or make them question how to improve their current practices.”

The seminar also lays out all the tips and techniques necessary to communicate this newfound knowledge to the team - so doctors can head home without fear of the dreaded “Monday after a seminar” phenomenon of having a hard time fully implementing their skills into the practice.

“This seminar will encourage them to discuss with their team members different case types and how collaboration can improve treatment for patients,” Janakievski said. “They will learn about communicating the overall plan with their team members and understanding the limitations and possibilities in different types of patients and challenges.”

Ready to be more confident than ever in your implant cases? Call your advisor or register for this seminar online now.