Spear has released two new Study Club modules covering two separate cases involving restorative design and treatment planning. 

restorative design and treatment planning

In "Julian - Restorative Design for a Patient with Segmental Wear and Insufficient Overjet," Dr. Mike Monokian develops an esthetic, functional and structural treatment plan for a patient with segmental wear who is looking to improve his appearance. His treatment plan is aided by orthodontics. 

After completing this module, Study Club members will be able to:

  • Recognize patterns of wear
  • Understand options for managing insufficient overjet
  • Understand the relationship between desires, esthetic outcome and functional treatment planning

The second module, "Isaiah - Restoring a Narrow Maxillary Arch when a Patient Refuses Orthodontics," describes a case in which Dr. Dave Monokian restores a narrow maxillary arch using surgery, in spite of the fact that the case could have benefitted from orthodontics. Dr. Monokian discusses the thought process for ortho vs. restorative as well as sequencing crown length procedures and some simple airway considerations. 

  • Understand the questions that should be answered when deciding if orthodontics is necessary to accomplish your treatment goals
  • Understand when it would be indicated to utilize crown lengthening or orthodontics to address excessive gingival display
  • Understand how to communicate with your periodontist regarding biologic width and the ideal FGM​

Study Club members will be eligible for three continuing education credit hours for each module they complete.