Spear has released a new complex study club module focused on fixed removable hybrid prostheses and treatment planning for the edentulous and terminal dentition patient. 

edentulous and terminal dentition patient

In "Juanita - Evaluating Implant-Supported Options for Treating the Edentulous and Terminal Dentition Patient," Dr. Ricardo Mitrani explores restorative options for a patient who presents with terminal dentition in the maxilla and an edentulous mandible. This module utilizes Facially Generated Treatment Planning as well as the LTR (lip, tooth, ridge) classification system for prosthetic planning. 

Juanita seeks an esthetic and stable restoration; however, she has financial limitations. This case gives us the opportunity to observe how not only clinical, but also financial and psychological considerations were taken into account to provide predictable and highly esthetic fixed hybrid and conventional prostheses that Juanita was very satisfied with. 

Through this module, Study Club members will learn how to:

  • Understand indications, advantages, disadvantages, and implications for a fixed hybrid design utilizing tilted implants in the mandible
  • Understand how finances may impact treatment planning for a terminal dentition or edentulous arch
  • Understand one possible sequence of treatment for a mandibular fixed hybrid

Study Club members will be eligible for three continuing education credit hours for each module they complete.