Groman EtchmasterAs a continuing education company that continually strives for new ways to bring exceptional continuing education to dentists, we are always on the watch for things that will enhance the workshop experience of our participants. When those enhancements can serve to let participants experience something that might enhance their practice experience at home that’s even better. 

Our most recent addition is one that occurred from a conversation. I use an in-operatory etching unit called Etchmaster by Groman Dental because of the small tip size and selection of abrasive materials that they have available. I was sharing with Barry Groman how much I appreciated the benefits of Etchmaster, and he offered to install one at each of our Lab 2 benches so participants in workshops could use and experience them as well. 

Treating the Worn Dentition, Anterior Restorative Dentistry, Esthetic Composite Restorations, and several other workshops will immediately benefit from the precise etching that is possible with the Etchmaster. I hope our workshop attendees enjoy using them as much as I do.

Thank you, Groman Dental.

Gary M. DeWood, DDS, MS, Director of Curriculum and Clinical Education