Using FGTP and EFSBSpear released a new Study Club module that focuses on a comprehensive case.

In “Shannon - Trusting EFSB: From Planning to Completion (Emphasis on S and B),” Dr. Kevin Kwiecien discusses the case of Shannon, a 39-year-old female with a history of orthodontic treatment and upper maxillary veneers to improve esthetics, who also experiences muscle and joint pain and is still unhappy with her appearance. Kwiecien uses facially generated treatment planning and EFSB – esthetics, function, structure and biology – to treatment plan for Shannon.

Through this module, Study Club members will:

  • Better understand and trust the process
  • Extra and intentional focus on the specific role of structure and biology
  • Understand how they are related to esthetics and function and how they are always inter-related
  • Add another layer of learning regarding sequencing/phasing

Study Club members who complete the module will be eligible for three continuing education credit hours.

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