Dr. Kwiecien discusses airway versus occlusion

Spear has released a new occlusion lesson.

In Airway vs. Occlusion: The Role of the Dental Profession Part 1, Dr. Kevin Kwiecien helps the practitioner better understand the connection between nighttime bruxism and sleep apnea. These three lessons also include a review of sleep and sleep disorder breathing and addresses the dilemma of protecting teeth with a full-arch appliance in a “physiologic” position versus opening the airway with mandibular advancement appliance.

After viewing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Understand how the initial exam can help identify risk factors for sleep disorder breathing
  • Review centric relation (fully seated condylar position)
  • Understand why a well-adjusted appliance may not be the answer for nighttime bruxism
  • Review sleep and sleep patterns
  • Review options for treating diagnosed sleep apnea

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