treatment planning

Do you find it difficult to hire great employees? Are you tired of only finding mediocre talent? Is this negatively affecting your practice? No matter how great a clinician you are, if you don’t have a great support staff, then your practice will not thrive. But in practice, hiring great employees is easier said than done. Spear’s latest Practice Success course, Treatment Planning For a Great Hire, addresses the steps to take in order to make your next hire a great one.


This two lesson course, led by Spear’s HR Director, Adam McWethy, will help you determine what you specifically need from an employee, walk you through the steps of writing a custom job description, and help you create an interview template. The attached PDFs will help guide you as you search for your next great employee!

After viewing this course, you will:

  • Learn how to assess the needs of your practice
  • Learn how to turn that assessment into a job profile
  • Learn how to write a comprehensive job description
  • Learn how to use that to build an interview template

Abigail Pfeiffer is the Editor for Spear Education.


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