CaptureSpear presents Part Three of the Office Manager Boot Camp series. This course builds on the previous two courses from this series: Avoiding Legal Landmines and Performance Conversations. Part Three of this series focuses on the best ways to hire talented employees, which is integral for a successful dental practice.

This course provides valuable insight into the hiring process of dental practices and how to decrease hiring time while still making great hiring decisions. In addition to the hiring process outline, this course details the best practices for each step and addresses the "why" behind each step. If you are an office manager, or own your own dental practice, then you will find this course to be informative and useful to your hiring process.

After viewing this lesson, an office manager will be able to:

  • Point out some of the difficulties in hiring great people
  • Provide an overview of a hiring system that will overcome it
  • Provide an in depth look at each step in the process
  • Highlight solutions to some of the common challenges in hiring great talent

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Abigail Pfeiffer is the Editor for Spear Education.