ortho vs. restorative"Can I treat this patient without orthodontics?"

This is one of the questions that Dr. Frank Spear gets asked the most by restorative dentists.

Excessive, uneven or asymmetrical gingival levels are not uncommon in the restorative practice. The etiology and treatment options can be confusing, and often lead to no treatment, inappropriate treatment or unpredictable treatment.

So what do you when a patient with malaligned teeth requests treatment, but has also expressed that orthodontics isn't their preferred treatment plan?

In our new course, Ortho vs. Restorative to Correct Malaligned Teeth – Six Key Questions (Part I), Dr. Frank Spear reviews the six key questions to help identify etiology, treatment options and compromises – as well as document a case from treatment planning to completion, utilizing the six questions.

After viewing this course on ortho vs. restorative treatment to correct malaligned teeth, you'll have a better understanding of:

  • Systemic evaluation of ortho vs. restorative treatment

  • Identifying compromises and clearly communicating them to the patient

  • The six questions utilized when reviewing a case

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Denise Prichard is the Editor for Spear Education.