radiographsIn spite of your best efforts, there will be occasions when your images don't come out the way you had hoped. The key to correcting a less-than-adequate image is to fully understand what caused the error in the first place.

In our new course, Troubleshooting Radiographs, Dr. Jeffrey Price covers common errors in both intraoral and panoramic radiography. More specifically, this course highlights common errors in intraoral radiographs, periapical radiographs, bitewing radiographs and panoramic radiographs. The angle of the receptor is crucial; if there is too much horizontal overlap, there is a chance that caries can go undiscovered.

So, how much horizontal overlap is okay? Watch our new course to find out!

After viewing this course on troubleshooting radiographs, you'll have a better understanding of:

  • Horizontal overlap

  • Missing roots or crowns

  • Vertical angulation errors

  • Exposure errors, such as burnout and noise

  • Correcting rotated receptors

  • Correct translation

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Denise Prichard is the Editor for Spear Education.