benting weeklyTreating edentulous patients, those without teeth or soon-to-be without teeth, can be a very personal process for the patient and quite a challenge for the clinician. Training your eye to see the anatomical features in the edentulous ridge of your patient can help you identify where the teeth need to be and create a landmark as you move forward through treatment.

In our new course, Impressions for Our Edentulous Patients, Dr. Douglas Benting focuses on the information you need to gather in your impressions for edentulous patients. On top of that, this course covers maxillary and mandibular arch impressions and takes a closer look at techniques for upper and lower arch first impressions.

After viewing this course, you’ll be to:
  • Understand the patterns of resorption

  • Demonstrate landmarks important to have in the final impression

  • Identify the benefit of a customized palate

  • Understand the anatomic features with severe mandibular resorption

  • Demonstrate the benefit of anatomic contours for the lower denture

  • Identify the benefits and concerns related to the four impression techniques

  • Understand where the impression can be evaluated and modified as needed

Log on now to view Dr. Douglas Benting’s new course. If you’re not yet a Spear Digital Suite Premium member, learn more by visiting the overview.

Denise Prichard is the Assistant Editor for Spear Education.


Commenter's Profile Image Dr.Akshay Sharma
August 11th, 2014
pls send me detail how to join this course. thanks