Using the mirrors necessary to gather intraoral images for Facially Generated Treatment Planning is, for most of us, the most difficult aspect of the photography. The buccal mirrors can be very difficult to position and hold, the occlusal mirrors are always tough to angle appropriately, and then there is the fogging.

Cold mirrors fog due to condensation whenever the patient breathes out. Keeping them warm (and clear) can be challenging. The use of a hot pad simplifies that greatly. Finally, there is the careful maintenance required during sterilization to prevent scratches. Wrapping the mirror in paper or a cloth prevents the majority of spots during sterilization; however, paper can scratch, and neither paper nor towels make it easy to keep the mirror warm in a warming pad as they are being used in the operatory.

This custom cloth mirror bag solves the spotting during sterilization problem and the keeping warm during use problem, by providing a custom fitted sleeve for each of the two mirrors to reside in during sterilzation and use in the operatory.

The bag holds both the buccal mirror and the occlusal mirror in separate sleeves. The material is a slippery smooth fabric that prevents scratches to the critical reflective surfaces.

The layering keeps the mirrors from touching each other and the handles can be inserted upon removal and laid aside to re-insert the mirror into its "cozy" when you are finished getting the picture.

After use the mirror is completely re-inserted into the sleeve and the heating pad is folded over it to maintain warmth for next use.

At the end of treatment the "cozy" with the two mirrors and the two handles are placed in a sterilization bag to be prepared for their next use.

These bags are easy to make if you have rudimentary sewing skills. If you don't, or don't have a sewing machine, simply draw up the size you want the "cozy" to be and have them made. If you would like the dimensions of this "cozy" it was designed and made by Scott Ratcliff, our director of clinics. Send me an email me at and I'll forward your request to Scott. I think he likes making them.



Commenter's Profile Image Heather Adams
December 30th, 2013
Is it possible to email and/or forward these articles? I see where it can be shared via facebook etc, but many times I would like to forward these small articles to my office manager or myself as a reminder in my inbox to follow up on a topic. Thanks.
Commenter's Profile Image Gary DeWood
January 6th, 2014
I've had many questions regarding the material. Fabric is an 80/20 Polyester/Polyamide blend for heat resistance and durability. It's woven instead of cut pile so if it's dropped it won't pick up any dirt and if the mirrors are cleaned properly and rinsed with RO/DI water it won’t leave marks when they come out of the sterilizer. Since it's specifically designed for cleaning optics it can also be used to wipe the mirrors without scratching, unlike a paper towel. It is ordered in 100 pound lots. Scott can make pieces available if you wish, but the material MUST be hemmed appropriately to keep from unraveling. He uses a Serger with wooly polyester thread to complete that process prior to sending out pieces. It is also available from Scott in a 16" x 16" uncut square. If you are interested in purchasing material or finished mirror cozys e-mail me and I'll forward your information / request.
Commenter's Profile Image Gary DeWood
January 6th, 2014
Heather, regarding your question …. I do not believe there is a way to forward the review. Sorry.
Commenter's Profile Image Jennifer E.
March 2nd, 2017
LOVE LOVE LOVE THESE!!! This is what I must have been talking about when we were in Scottsdale!! MUST talk to Dr. Tere at staff meeting putting on my list!! Thanks for being so AMAZING!!