It's so easy to ignore the small yet onerous details that our government requires through the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). And yet the fines are huge. For example, do you know that just one burned out bulb in your exit sign will be a fine of $350 per bulb, per employee in the office?

The most common fine imposed these days is for this scenario: New employees need to be trained in a blood borne pathogen standard protocol (with concomitant documentation) within 10 days of start date. If this is not achieved, it's a $3,500 fine.

I finally bit the bullet and hired an expert to come in and evaluate my office protocols, manual and overall safety issues.

I passed with the exception that the fire extinguishers needed to be inspected and retagged. The significant change was all the new paperwork.

I can't possibly share all those details but I can recommend the professional who helped me update the office plan. Message me if you would like the name of the individual; however, I'm sure there are many individuals and companies that do the same work.

Mary Anne Salcetti, DDS, PC, Spear Education Visiting Faculty. [ ]


Commenter's Profile Image Muna Strasser
August 9th, 2013
When I first bought an older noncompliant office in IL 8 years ago I resigned myself and hired a company that trains the staff, does yearly inspections, etc. We use Stericycle, and they also pick up our biohazardous waste. I was so shocked at the stupidity of the OSHA protocols and what had to be done at first! My eyebrow raisers were that each closet had to be labeled with a "not an exit" sign, and cages that had to be purchased for lightbulbs in the basement that were older and not completely enclosed. There were two sheets of changes that needed to be made at first... money well worth it for less headaches in the long run but it makes you wonder at times at some of the mandatory precautions that seem so common sense. But I guess if there are Darwin Awards given out each year, maybe they aren't so common sense after all! Great reminder, thanks Mary Anne!