I hope you are having fun with the templates. If you want to make their use easier and more convenient you can create a master patient presentation program in PowerPoint that will cut your time (or that of your team).* The Master will only have to be created once!

Open a new PowerPoint program and Save As "Your Name" PP Master. Now you have a blank PowerPoint program with the right name.

Make the background of the first slide black. (I like to use slides with nothing in them – no text boxes, etc.)

Delete the other slides that were created.

Duplicate the slide by selecting it (a gold frame will appear around it) and RIGHT CLICKING your mouse – select Duplicate.

Do this for each picture you want to insert.

Select the first slide and insert a picture. Go to Insert PictureFrom File. Follow the windows to the folder with the images of your patient (any one with all the images you want IN the presentation) and select the first image by double clicking on it.

Size the image so it fills the slide appropriately.

Select the second slide and repeat. This time when you go through Insert PictureFrom File you will be automatically returned to the same folder you went to for the first slide.

Repeat this for every image you might want for planning or in the "perfect" case presentation.


Now the creation of a PowerPoint is quick and easy for any team member to complete for your patients.

Open the "Your name" PPMaster and Save As the name of the patient for whom the presentation is being created.

Go to slide number 1 and RIGHT CLICK on the image in the slide. Select Change Picture and a window will open exactly as it did in the "Insert picture" above. Go to the folder for the patient for whom this presentation is being created.

Double click the same image as the one in the slide (replace full face smile with a full face smile) and it will change the image perfectly fitted to your parameters. Continue for every slide.


You (or a team member) have now created a PowerPoint for that patient with all the images in place in seconds. You're ready to copy the templates and paste them into your completed program on the appropriate slides. Have fun!

If you would like tooth form templates for PowerPoint or Keynote simply e-mail me – gdewood@speareducation.com – and tell me which format you prefer.

*If you are a member of the Faculty Club you may access pre-fabricated EFSB Masters for both PowerPoint and Keynote at the Faculty Club site.


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August 24th, 2014
Powerpoint templates please