Journal Review From:_J Laser Dent 2008; 16 (Spec. Issue): 36-41_

Question: Can laser surgery offer hemostatic gingivectomy treatment, precision hard tissue treatment including closed flap crown lengthening, reduced bacterial contamination and reduce healing time with predictable, stable results?

Conclusion: The dentist was able to use the same laser (Er,Cr: YSGG, 2780-nm) for the treatment of both soft and hard tissue. The gingivectomy was preformed first to establish gum height in the smile zone, followed by the closed flap crown lengthening procedure to establish the correct biological width. The tip and the laser settings were changed accordingly for the procedures. Immediately after the laser surgery, impressions were taken. Postoperatively, there were no limitations placed on eating or drinking. The tissue results and crowns were esthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

My Opinion: In my opinion, this is the treatment of choice. I have been using the Er,CR:YSGG Laser since 2001. I have experienced predictable, stable, long-term results. The laser gives control in establishing and maintaining biological width, as well as, helping achieve greater tissue health. I perform the closed flap crown lengthening procedure almost daily, and take a final impression. Patients have been very pleased with the postoperative comfort, shorter healing times and the esthetics of the marginal tissue around the crowns.

Dr. Everett E. Heringer is a Master of Laser Dentistry with the World Clinical Laser Institute and is a Sustaining member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. For more information visit: