I just returned from the CDS Midwinter meeting. As always, it was a great experience to see old friends and make new ones. We have a great profession filled with many like-minded dentists, assistants, hygienists, technicians and staff who converge on the Windy City each year to learn from each other. It was a busy four days! We had a large number of productive meetings with our corporate partners. The highlight of the trip was spending time with some of our Faculty Club members at a private reception at the Fairmont with Frank and Charlene Spear in attendance. As I looked around McCormick Place and the Sheraton (for Lab Day) I was struck by the thought that we in dentistry have a great deal to be thankful for. I am not saying the last several years have not been tough on all of us, but as a group we are doing quite well. I am as guilty as anyone and at times I can take my good fortune for granted, but this past weekend was a reminder that we should all be proud to count ourselves as members of a great profession.