This past week I was sitting in on the Facially Generated Treatment Planning workshop and Frank Spear was talking about possibilities. Possibilities as they relate to eliminating our filters when we treatment plan a patient. The ultimate objective is to assist our patients to learn all that is possible for their treatment without any assumption on our part as to what they can afford, or which treatment they would accept in order to restore their dentition. I began to think about filters in life. We all approach life with certain filters. Time and money are two of the most common. I am not saying that we are all made of money and have as much time as we want, but it does merit some thought. Whether it is dropping a couple of pounds, coaching your kid's soccer team or taking that vacation you always wanted, life is all about possibilities. If we open our minds to the possibilities, there is no telling where we can go and what we can do in life. Let me give you an example. Last week I attended my first faculty dinner with Frank Spear, Bob Winter, Gregg Kinzer, Gary DeWood and Steve Ratcliff. I kept thinking about my own journey from private practice to Spear Education – and what a journey it has been! There is no way my attendance at dinner would have ever been possible had I not opened my mind to possibilities after I had to cease practicing. So I challenge you to open your own mind to possibilities in your life and in your practice. You will be surprised where they will take you.