Spear has released a new curriculum on implementing comprehensive dentistry into the dental practice. This curriculum includes six courses, "Introduction and Staff Challenges," "Introduction and Implementing the New Patient Exam," "Implementation of Photography in the Practice," "Implementation of the Functional Exam in the Practice," "Implementation of Airway in the Practice" and "Introducing the Comprehensive Exam to Existing Patients."

implementing comprehensive exam

Trying to transition a dental practice to embrace a comprehensive approach is a major undertaking and presents several unique challenges to the clinician and dental team. To assist with this transition, we have assembled Implementing Comprehensive Dentistry in the Practice, which consists of a series of courses that use real-world experience to explain how to effectively go about implementing these changes. In addition, we have included a series of team meetings to walk the entire dental team through implementation of key elements of comprehensive care, including the comprehensive exam, airway, functional exam, and photography.

After going through this curriculum, viewers will be able to:

  • Using a real-world example, see how one practice successfully implemented comprehensive dentistry
  • Review best practices for implementing the comprehensive exam and photography with new and existing patients
  • Learn how to implement airway screening and assessment into examination and patient conversations
  • Understand the basic components of the functional exam and how to implement it