1. From the Online Education page, select the “My Team” tab. For more information on navigating Online Education, see Online Education: Overview.

my team page on Spear Online

2. Click on the “Add a Team Member” button to add a team member.

Online Education Your Team

3. An “Add a Team Member” pop-up screen will appear. Fill out the fields with the team member’s information and click “Add Team Member.”

how to add a team member to Spear Online

4. Repeat this process until all team members have been entered.

5. Assign a team delegate once team members are added.

6. If a new team delegate needs to be assigned, simply connect with your Doctor and reset your password.

Questions? Please contact support@speareducation.com


Commenter's Profile Image Local Dental D.
July 24th, 2023
Hello we are trying to do this but cannot find my team in the online education? Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you