anterior bridge figure 1

Spear released two new Patient Education videos on anterior bridges this week.

In both videos, the patient will learn what a bridge is and how it is placed. The main difference between the two videos lies in the how the bridge is made. In “Bridge (Anterior- Impression),” we show the impression made the first appointment to make the temporary, the surrounding teeth being prepared and the second impression used to craft the permanent bridge. In “Bridge (Anterior- CAD/CAM),” dentists who have this technology in their practice can show patients how they use CAD/CAM to image the teeth in 3-D, and highlights how the bridge can be crafted right in the doctor’s office during the same appointment.

These 3-D animated videos give patients a very detailed visual frame of reference with a set value proposition, allowing the treatment conversation to start on the right foot.

Patient Education resources are currently available to members with Spear Online access.