A new Spear Online course is now available! In Biologic Susceptibility to Periodontitis, Dr. Mike McDevitt explains how genetic, biologic, behavioral and historical experiences combine to contribute to each patient’s individual susceptibility to loss of attachment.

Answering the “WHY?” questions before we complete a diagnosis or offer a treatment strategy is a critical aspect to discerning and offering care consistent with what is in that patient’s best interest.

This course provides a framework to begin to sort through the factors that might increase an individual’s susceptibility to periodontitis from a biological perspective. Diagnosis is a discovery process that must be comprehensive to be complete. This inflammatory bone disease is potentially influenced by multiple variables, which makes the responsibility of the dental team both difficult and essential.

After viewing this course, you will:

  • Learn how to develop working strategies to determine a patient’s unique susceptibility
  • Understand the role of biofilm in relation to intrasulcular bacteria
  • Identify potential effect of medications, aging and other health issues on periodontitis


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