When you meet with a new patient for their first appointment, are you utilizing that experience to maximize value for your practice? What types of questions are you asking the patient? Are you presenting your findings to them in a way that will encourage case acceptance? Spear’s latest Team Meeting, Maximizing Value for Your Practice During the New Patient Interview, is designed to educate your entire team about the steps to take with a new patient. This is your first opportunity to frame a positive experience through face-to-face interaction, and this course can help you make the most of this appointment.  As with all Spear’s Team Meeting courses, we have provided an Implementation Plan and a Module Guide to help guide your team through the course.

After viewing this course, you and your team will:

  • Understand the concept of intentional vs passive value creation
  • See an example of what the new patient interview might look like
  • Understand how important communication is between team members to enhance the perceived value of the office