All patients are different, and they all have their own expectations for their dental visits. How can a dentist best determine how to align patient expectations? Often times, the dentist is not the one to have initial contact with a new patient. In most cases, the receptionist or front office staff will be the ones who make the first impression of your practice to patients in the initial phone call. How can you best train your staff to align patient expectations on that first phone call? In Spear’s latest Team Meeting course, “Using the Initial Phone Call to Align Patient Expectations” Dr. Frank Spear details the importance of this first phone call. This ten minute course comes with a Team Meeting Module Guide that contains a recommended agenda and team discussion guide to focus your team meeting. Your entire staff will learn methods of determining the patient’s current expectation level and provide options for them based off their level.

After viewing this course, your team will:

    • Learn how to ask the patient about their current expectation level
    • Learn how to provide options for them which they may be unaware of as to how they could be seen in your office
    • Understand how this knowledge now determines what behaviors occur at the new patient visit

Another great Team Meeting resource for your entire staff is Dr. Frank Spear’s prior course in this series “Managing Fear When Presenting Findings to Your Patients”

Abigail Pfeiffer is the Editor for Spear Education. 


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