facebookAs a dentist in today's world, it's important for you to have an online presence in order to interact with your patients and colleagues. It's also imperative to remember that the type of content you choose to post on Facebook is crucial to your online reputation and the relationships you have with your patients when they aren't sitting in your dental chair.

With all the different types of posts and ads muddling up the newsfeed, how can a dentist be confident that they are utilizing Facebook posts in the most effective way for their practice? If your practice is on Facebook, you should be utilizing the following tips in your posts to ensure you're reaching your current and prospective patients efficiently.

Tips for Facebook Posts

  1. Use a photo or a video. According to a study provided by Simply Measured, including visuals in your posts increases interaction on your Facebook page. Photos are considered the most engaging, with videos coming in at a close second. According to the study, photos and videos account for over 80 percent of branded posts on Facebook.

  2. Character count matters. The study suggests that the most engaging posts have a character length that is limited to 50 to 99 characters. A little fun fact for you: 684,478 posts are shared every minute on Facebook. Don't plague your page with posts consisting of paragraphs and get lost in the clutter. Keep it short and sweet.

  3. Ask questions to increase engagement. According to infographic recently released by KISSmetrics, posts that stir up dialogue with a question get 100 percent more comments than any other type of post. Facebookers LOVE giving feedback, so why not give your patients or your colleagues an opportunity to do that?

  4. Timing is everything. Although the perfect time-frame to post content can vary between different industries, it is suggested that the most successful time to post is between 5PM and 1AM. Most businesses post during the work hours (8AM to 5PM), but most Facebook users are prone to interacting after the work day is over.

How are you utilizing Facebook for your practice? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

Denise Prichard is the Editor for Spear Education.