TMJHelping our patients understand the intricacies of the masticatory system is always a challenge. Often, even the best dental teams struggle to deliver a consistent message or even have a calibrated understanding within the practice. The TMJ Demonstrator can be one of the most effective tools in a dental practice that helps a dental team and the patient understand the three main components of the masticatory system and aids in creating a common language between all parties involved.

Our new team meeting module, The TMJ Demonstrator, will help the team better understand the interactions between the components that affect occlusion, some therapeutic options to improve the system, and understand how to use the TMJ Tutor in the practice.

After viewing this lesson, your team will understand:

  • The three components of the masticatory system

  • How to use the TMJ Tutor

  • How to create a common language for consistent communication

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Denise Prichard is the Assistant Editor for Spear Education.