dental assistantHelping the doctor stay organized during and after procedures is critical to efficient time management. The dental assistant acts as a chairside manager to ensure that the patient is comfortable, but their role is much bigger than that – especially in large cases.

The dental assistant directs the flow of the case and ensures that all necessary procedures are completed. They are also responsible for making sure that all records and images are taken, packaged together and sent to lab, and then track the case upon return.

Our new staff training course, Lab Communication for the Dental Assistant, is designed to help the dental assistant understand what the laboratory needs to make a case successful.

After viewing the lesson, your dental assistant will understand:

  • Their role as the dental assistant

  • How to utilize checklists

  • The types of photos required

  • What records should be sent to the lab

  • Capturing images for shades

  • Implant components or other items

  • Disinfection

  • Which items go in the shipping box

  • Packaging the case to send

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