occlusion confusionThe term occlusion is often associated with confusion, ambiguity and varying philosophies. Being equipped with a dental team that has an understanding of the general concepts of occlusion can set your practice apart from the rest. This knowledge can help you and your staff create a foundation within the practice that brings more predicable long-lasting dentistry while guiding patients to make health-centered decisions.

Our new staff training course, A Deeper Look at Occlusion for the Dental Team: Periodontium and Dentition, is designed to provide your team with a thorough understanding of the periodontium and dentition, two of four components of the stomatognathic system, and the role they play in dental occlusion, in terms that the dentist, team, and patients can all understand and communicate clearly and effectively.

After viewing this course, your team will be able to:

  • Identify 4 key components that affect occlusion

  • Identify the components of the perondontium that directly relate to occlusion

  • Understand importance of periondontal evaluation with respect to occlusion

  • Understand the impact the periodontium can have on the system

  • Understand the roles of back teeth and front teeth that is beneficial for healthy occlusion and the relationship between teeth and the TMJ

  • Understand the importance of proper alignment and anatomy that is beneficial for healthy occlusion and how it promotes healthy (physiologic) function.

  • Demonstrate use of the TMJ tutor and terminology for team to understand and use when appropriate

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