Helping people be healthy and make healthy choices – as opposed to simply repairing teeth – often incorporates all aspects of the dental profession, including orthodontia. Not only can pre-restorative orthodontics help patients become more stable long-term, it also makes the dentistry easier.

We're excited to announce our new Lunch + Learn team training module: Why Orthodontics for Adults?

This new module will help you and your team understand the benefits of adult orthodontics and provides tools to help you confidently discuss them with your patients.


Here are some of the learning objectives:

1. Understand why straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain.
2. Understand how moving teeth is often an integral and necessary step to "restore" teeth to optimal form and function.
3. Understand how a simple rotation can improve function.
4. Understand how moving teeth help to preserve tooth structure by providing an opportunity for less invasive dental procedures.
5. Create an opportunity for a comfortable conversation with patients.

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