This has been an extraordinary first year for the Spear Review, the online publishing platform of Spear, because of all of you – our valued readers. We appreciate your insightful comments and thought-provoking questions. Below are the Top 10 most read articles of 2012.

1. How to Fix a Deep Overbite in Wear Patients
By Frank Spear
Deep overbites are a common condition in patients with lingual wear of their maxillary incisors and facial wear of the mandibular incisors. The deep overbite can occur from three different etiologies. Read more >>

2. How To Give a Painless Injection [Part I]
By Darin O'Bryan
Patients don't understand if your margins are impeccable or if you have put them in the most stable occlussal scheme possible. But if you make them jump when you give them an injection, they sure as heck remember that. Read more >>

3. Clinical Tips for Polishing Ceramics: e.max and Zirconia
By Bob Winter
Adjusting occlusal contacts is frequently required at the time of try-in and/or post-insertion. If there is a minor occlusal adjustment needed, my suggestion is to use only a rubber abrasive polishing wheel and not a diamond. Read more >>

4. Tooth Wear Appliances: Anterior Bite Planes
By Frank Spear
Selecting an occlusal appliance is an extremely confusing concept in dentistry. A common reason for this confusion is that dentists don't always think about what they are actually using the appliance for. Read more >>

5. How Many Implants Are Needed for a Mandibular Overdenture?
By Darin O'Bryan
The truth is, very few patients are happy with their lower complete dentures. In surveys, 80 percent of patients are not happy with the fit or function of their lower prosthesis. Read more >>

6. An Unlikely Material That Can Save Your Practice
By Darin O'Bryan
An Unlikely Material That Can Save Your Practice By Darin O'Bryan So I went into my local hardware store and asked for plumber's tape, commonly known as the brand name Teflon. The guy behind the counter says to me, “So you got some plumbing repairs?” I replied, “No, I need it for dentistry.” Read more >>

7. Tooth Wear Appliances: Full Arch Maxillary and Full Arch Mandibular
By Frank Spear
Conceptually, full coverage appliances decrease elevator muscle activity in excursive movements if they are designed with anterior guidance, but do not reduce elevator muscle activity during clenching since they have posterior occlusion. Read more >>


 8. The Hidden Truth Behind Why Some People Change Dentists
By Imtiaz Manji
The most familiar reason a new patient comes to your practice is because they are "new to the area." That makes sense—people move and they need to find a new dentist. Read more >>