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8 Tips to Increase Dentistry’s Integrity

You can stop worrying over what other dentists in your town are doing. Instead, use these tips to help you realize your own potential.

| 2 weeks ago

An Uncommon Pattern of Dental Erosion

A dentist began seeing deep erosion on #8 and #9 on many of her patients' teeth. Here's what...

| 2 months ago

Dental Composites in 2017: Types and Recommendations

In 2017, what dental composites should you use? And what should you look for when shopping around. This article answers those...

| 3 months ago

What Affects a Patient’s Perception of Dental Practices?

We look at how dental practice esthetics can affect the way a patient perceives the quality of a practice.

| 3 months ago

SonicFill: As Good As It Sounds

A review of SonicFill composite, including tips, tricks and lessons learned.

| 4 months ago

Dental Composite Comparison: Sonicfill 2 vs. Estelite Omega

We compare Sonicfill 2 to Estelite Omega in this third article in our composite comparison...

| 5 months ago

Four Products to Immediately Improve Your Composite Restorations

Here are four composite restoration products that will help you take your dentistry to the next level.

| 5 months ago

Dental Composite Comparison: Venus Diamond vs. Sonicfill 2

We compare Venus Diamond to Sonicfill 2 in this first of our composite comparison...

| 7 months ago

10 Tips for Quarterbacking A-List Specialists

Take your interdisciplinary dentistry to the next level with these best practices for working with an interdisciplinary team.

| 8 months ago

Power of the Intraoral Mock-Up: 7 Steps to Case Acceptance

We look at how intraoral mock-ups can serve as patient education tools, leading to improved case acceptance.

| 9 months ago

Why Glutaraldehyde Is Not Just for Desensitization

Dentists know glutaraldehyde desensitizes, but did you know it could also make your bonds last longer? Here's how.

| 11 months ago

Six Tips to Improve Your Occlusal Photographs

These dental photography tips will help you improve your output, which in turn should help improve case acceptance rates.

| 1 year ago