Dentistry allows Dr. David Tobias to combine art and science to give patients beautiful, healthy and functional smiles.

For Dr. Tobias, pride comes with creating a practice where patients know that they are receiving quality care and being treated with compassion. His unflinching focus on shaping the ideal patient experience has led to his Lynnwood, Washington, practice being recognized annually among the best dental practices in the Seattle area.

Dr. Tobias attended the University of California at Santa Barbara and earned his undergraduate degree in biology before going on to attend University of the Pacific’s Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry, where he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. He also completed a two-year, advanced education certificate program in general dentistry at the University of Florida College of Dentistry.

He has always made education a priority. Dr. Tobias has completed hundreds of continuing education hours and is in the process of earning a fellowship with the Academy of General Dentistry.

Learning in Spear Seminars and Workshops

When Dr. Tobias began his own practice in 2010, he quickly realized the need for continuing education to study advanced dental topics. Colleagues recommended Spear Campus, which hosts seminars and hands-on workshops led by world renowned clinicians.

“From the minute I walked onto the Spear Campus, there was a warm sense of family and community that you get from the other attendees and faculty,” Dr. Tobias said. “Everyone is excited to help you learn.”

Dr. Tobias credited his clinical growth and increased confidence in both routine and complex cases to the lessons he learned on the Spear Campus.

“My driving force was always to develop a foundational knowledge and understanding of concepts that I can carry through from my day-to-day, bread-and-butter dentistry all the way to any rehabilitative cases I wanted to take on,” Dr. Tobias said. “The events on Spear Campus provided that and truly transformed the way I practice dentistry.”

Spear Study Club Campus Experience

As part of membership to Spear Study Club, clinicians like Dr. Tobias have access to a small group learning environment in their own communities, though they’re also able to take advantage of access to the Spear Campus.

In addition to integrated online curriculum with topics for the entire team and office, study club members can attend a complimentary Spear Seminar each year, which helps solidify strong interdisciplinary team processes and shape lasting bonds that lead to improved patient care.

By traveling together to Scottsdale, Arizona, for the energizing two-day seminar, doctors can more easily establish a process where everyone feels empowered on routine referrals and more complex cases, rather than just generating more work.

Success from Campus Lessons

Even after expanding his clinical skills through Spear, Dr. Tobias said there’s always more to learn.

“Dental technology is always evolving,” he said. “I believe if you’re not changing your techniques or amending them based on research every six months, you’re falling behind.”

“All of the material that Spear produces is backed by up-to-date research, and to me, it’s important to know there are sound principles behind what I’m learning,” he said, adding that Spear sessions and online learning resources are always challenging and interactive.

Dr. Tobias attributed the confidence he’s developed in treatment planning to having regular access to comprehensive training that helps him directly implement clinical concepts in his practice. The knowledge he’s gained has given him the ability to achieve more consistently predictable patient outcomes.

“The concepts are so foundational,” Dr. Tobias said. “I can apply them to any case I’m working on. The faculty takes complex principles and makes them easy for anyone to understand.”

“It’s so amazing being a part of the Spear Campus experience,” he said. “In private practice, you’re kind of on an island. I’m truly thankful to Spear for providing a collaborative environment where I can connect with and influence other doctors.”