Denture duplication is a very common process in implant prosthetics. It can serve the treating team as either:

  • a customized impression tray
  • a radiographic template
  • a surgical template

This visual essay will walk the reader through the basic steps of denture duplication. 

digital denture design
Original denture is cleaned and ready to go for duplication.
digital denture duplication
Duplicating flask
how to duplicate dentures
Duplicating flask
denture duplication
Duplicating flask
mold creation for dentures
Alginate is placed in the lower half of the duplicating flask.
denture arch impression
The denture is then submerged so that the denture borders and intaglio aspect is uncovered, letting the alginate set.
how to make denture impressions
Alginate is then carried to the counterpart.
steps for denture duplication
The duplicating flask is then closed so that the intaglio is then copied in the counterpart.
denture duplication mold process
The denture is removed and denture indentation can now be seen in both parts of the flask.
denture duplication how to tips
The denture is removed and denture indentation can now be seen in both parts of the flask.
denture duplication process
Clear acrylic is then syringed into the impression aspect.
copying acrylic details denture impression
The flask is then closed to ensure that the acrylic copies all details of the impressed denture.
denture duplication success
As the acrylic sets, the flask is opened and inspected so that the duplication was done successfully.
denture duplication flash
The duplicate is then removed and flash is evident in the periphery of the denture.
polishing duplicate denture
Utilizing a laboratory fissure bur, the flash is then removed.
denture duplicate
Once all the excess contours are trimmed, the duplicate is polished in a rag wheel with pumice powder and water.
denture duplication process
Facial aspect of the denture and duplicate.
lateral denture duplicates
Lateral aspects of the denture and the duplicate.

A step-by-step technique of the duplication of an existing denture has been shown. This is a straightforward process that enables the restorative dentist to have a quick device that may serve as either a customized tray or a new denture fabrication, a radiographic template or a surgical template that may provide the surgeon with bone reduction parameters and ideal implant placement parameters.

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Ricardo Mitrani, D.D.S., M.S.D., Spear Faculty and Contributing Author


Commenter's Profile Image Mohammed M.
May 18th, 2018
nice visual Essay. how to ensure that the alginate in the upper part does not adhere to the alginate in the lower part?