Interdisciplinary Management of Esthetic Dilemmas

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Course Objectives

Gain confidence and understanding in diagnosing, treatment planning and presenting esthetic dentistry to your patients, enhancing the quality and quantity of the esthetic care you provide in your practice.

Participants Will Learn:

  • To evaluate facial development, profile and esthetic appearance to identify patients who may best be treated with orthognathic surgery – as opposed to those who may be successfully treated with a combination of ortho, perio and restorative
  • To evaluate midline discrepancies, identify when they need treatment, understand the options available to correct them, and decide which option to use
  • The importance of defining the desired tooth position as the first step in any treatment plan and how to determine where teeth should be positioned, including the importance of tooth display at rest, lip mobility, age and patient desires
  • To identify references for the incisal plane and occlusal plane (the “smile line”), when to use the interpupillary line or the lower lip – and when none of the above provides the correct reference
  • How to evaluate the etiology of a canted occlusal plane, and identify what needs to be evaluated to choose the most appropriate method of correction
  • How to identify the possible causes for excessive gingival display (a “gummy smile”) from among the 7 possible etiologies, and determine which treatment methods are most appropriate based upon the etiology identified
  • How to manage gingival levels for the best esthetic result by choosing between orthodontic tooth movement, periodontal surgical intervention, or both
  • How to differentiate those cases when a gingivectomy alone will provide the desired soft tissue result, and those for which osseous surgery with bone removal is required
  • How to identify when a biologic width violation is responsible for inflammation around a restoration. You will understand the options available for correcting the problem, including margin relocation, periodontal surgery or ortho extrusion, and how to choose among the options.
  • To manage the dental papilla, predict when it will disappear, when it will come back, and when it will stay gone forever. You will understand the techniques and the limitations of regaining papilla height in those patients with significant bone loss seeking the perfect result.
  • The realities of tooth replacement relative to success vs. survival, including literature on the longevity of FPDs of different lengths on natural teeth, with and without endodontic treatment, compared to implants
  • Possible treatment options for correcting unesthetic implants in the anterior
  • How to evaluate the options when it is necessary to utilize adjacent anterior implants, minimizing the esthetic problems with adjacent central and lateral implants and adjacent lateral and canine implants
  • How to fool the eye by using pink prosthetic soft tissue, either pink ceramic or pink composite, and the keys to identifying when and how they can be used most successfully

Interdisciplinary Management of Esthetic Dilemmas

14 CE Credits| Cost $1,695

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