Excellence in Composite Restorations

22.50 CE Credits | $7,000



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Course Objectives

Bolster your clinical skills and add new range with this advanced workshop. With the myriad of composite materials available today, creating esthetic “direct” restorations can be easier and more predictable than ever before. You will gain an understanding of the science behind composite materials and create anterior restorations for circumstances you thought beyond the capabilities of composite resin. Increase competency and efficiency in using direct composites as final restorative material.

Workshop Type:

3-Day Lecture/Hands-On

Participants Will Learn:

  • The science behind the structural and optical characteristics of composite materials
  • To confidently differentiate indications for composite resin vs. ceramics
  • To select the appropriate composite material for a specific application
  • A step-by-step approach to the “intrinsic layering” concept of composite placement
  • Materials and techniques that create natural tooth characteristics in finishing and polishing
  • Enamel and dentin bonding concepts

Topics and Exercises:

  • Anatomic layering of multiple composite veneers
  • Completing large Class IV restorations
  • Color management and masking with composite restorations
  • Closing diastemas and black triangles
  • Rapid application of composite using a Copyplast matrix

Excellence in Composite Restorations

22.50 CE Credits| Cost $7,000

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