It's no secret that the 2012 Olympic athletes are in tip-top shape. Even though they take extremely good care of their bodies and watch what they eat, one must wonder if they are the same way with their dental health. Fortunately for them, this year's Olympic events held in London will provide free dental care for all athletes.

Funding from the National Health Service and a small chunk of the $11.3 billion dollar Olympic budget has gone toward constructing the $29 million dollar Polyclinic housed in Olympic Park. Along with treatment to sports-related injuries, Olympic athletes are able to get dental treatment free of charge – whether it's just a check-up or for pre-existing conditions such as caries or root canals.

This comes as a huge relief to some athletes who hail from countries where access to dental care is limited. Organizers have revealed that the dental component of the Polyclinic will be equipped with six dental professionals and state-of-the-art equipment allowing up to 200 patients to be seen each day. Organizers have also stated that after the games, the Polyclinic will be re-opened as a healthcare facility to local residents.

So don't be surprised to see this year's winners flashing some pearly whites with their shiny new medals.


Commenter's Profile Image Max J
July 28th, 2012
Have you noticed the athletes are always frowning/looking very serious in their official photos on the london 2012 website? Crazy