Demystifying Occlusion

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Course Objectives

Gain confidence and remove the confusion and fear surrounding occlusion in your practice, allowing you to treat patients more predictably and with less anxiety from a single second molar crown, to full arch restorations, or even patients with symptoms of facial pain.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Why occlusion can seem so complicated, but how predictable it is in most patients, and how to recognize the high-risk patient in advance
  • To gain confidence in understanding the TMJ, and how easy it is to evaluate them as a potential problem for your patients, including possible solutions if they are a problem, and how to have a conversation with your patients about the TMJ
  • To efficiently evaluate your patients' muscles, and predict whether any therapy is necessary, which treatment, and how to discuss it with your patient
  • What a complete joint and muscle exam looks like, and how efficiently it can be done in any practice (with multiple examples shown on video)
  • How to become confident in choosing among all the different occlusal appliances available, including a specific flow chart of the appliance choices based upon your patients' symptoms and history, with an emphasis on how to discuss appliance therapy and fees with your patients
  • How and when to utilize mounted models in your occlusal treatment-planning process, including what facebows do, how to use them, why you would use one, and three different methods of predictably making the bite records used to mount the models
  • To determine if occlusal equilibration is necessary, and how to perform one predictably and efficiently, including how to discuss it with your patients
  • What to do with the occlusion of patients with excess overjet, anterior open bites, deep overbites, or Class III relationships who won't do orthodontics
  • How to perform bite records in restorative patients for simple posterior restorations to full arches, to full mouths, simply and predictably

Demystifying Occlusion

14 CE Credits| Cost $1,695

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