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Modifying an Anterior Bite Plane with DURASPLINT LC

We offer a 3-step technique for adding material to an existing anterior bite plane.

| 3 months ago

Replacing Triad Provisional Material

Triad provisional material is no longer available. Here's what you can use instead.

| 4 months ago

Indexing the Facebow

We look at two diferent techniques and materials for facebow transfers: silicone bite records and compound stickers.

| 6 months ago

Avoiding Inaccuracy With Closed-tray Implant Impressions

Learn how to create accurate implant impressions and avoid unnecessary complications.

| 7 months ago

Tips for Utilizing Tape With Implant Impressions

How do you keep impression material from 'falling out' of the tray? Tape!

| 10 months ago

Does Using Vacuum Mixer Make a Difference?

We experiment with different methods of mixing to create sample casts in order to see if using a vacuum mixer makes any difference.

| 11 months ago

Reusing Titanium Healing Abutments

You can reuse healing abutments, but should you? We look at the research surrounding contamination commercially available titanium healing abutments.

| 1 year ago

The Implant Working Cast: 4 Steps for Fabricating a Stone Cast

We break down fabricating a stone working cast into four easy-to-follow steps and compare the technique with soft-tissue casts.

| 1 year ago

Accidental Ingestion of Dental Materials: Treatment and Prevention

The accidental ingestion or aspiration of dental materials during treatment can be particularly troublesome. These tips will help walk you through treatment...

| 1 year ago

Conventional Complete Denture Fabrication in 9 Steps

These nine essential steps will aid clinicians with predictable conventional denture fabrication.

| 1 year ago

Managing Batteries for Dental Photography

Utilizing rechargeable batteries in the dental office can be a great idea- especially for the flash systems used with dental photography. One problem...

| 1 year ago

Dental Photography: Canon Battery Advisory

I use my clinical camera almost every day that I'm in clinical practice or working in the lab. Like many clinicians, the camera system I use is Canon....

| 2 years ago