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The Implant Working Cast: 4 Steps for Fabricating a Stone Cast

We break down fabricating a stone working cast into four easy-to-follow steps and compare the technique with soft-tissue casts.

| 1 year ago

UCLA School of Dentistry Fire

Ceramics used in dentistry require heat to consolidate and structurally transform the material. Firing ceramic restorations at temperatures and durations...

| 2 years ago

Sophisticated Simplicity: The SAM 3

The SAM 3 is my go-to articulator system due to its reliability in calibration, clean design and the ability to tailor the scope of programming....

| 3 years ago

Drive Time: Why Implant Drivers Are So Important

In implant dentistry hand drivers are used to turn the attachment or abutment screws that secure different components to implant fixtures. Hand drivers...

| 3 years ago