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How to Retrieve a Broken Implant Abutment

Here are 7 tips to retrieving a broken implant...

| 2 weeks ago

Occlusion: Teeth vs. Implants

Whether we're talking about teeth or implants, occlusion can be a tricky thing. So in this article we highlight their key differences in regards to occlusion...

| 3 weeks ago

Cleaning Appliances: A Simple Service to Offer Your Patients

This article will explain a technique for helping your patients clean their appliances as thoroughly as possible.

| 2 months ago

How to Provisionalize an Entire Arch

Utilizing the FGTP planning process throughout the process of provisionalizing a full arch will ensure greater case success.

| 2 months ago

Radiographs and Cement: You Can't Handle the Truth!

This case is an important example of the fact that radiographs only tell some of the story when it comes to restorations.

| 2 months ago

Need Smoother Preps?

This article will help you make the smoothest preparations possible for better indirect restorations.

| 3 months ago

Using Implant Surgical Guides: Part I

Dr. John Carson explains the value of taking the time to fabricate an implant surgical guide.

| 4 months ago

Resizing Teeth Mid-Ortho

Dr. John Carson explains why he believes resizing teeth during orthodontic treatment is key to an ideal restoration.

| 4 months ago

How To Do No-Prep Restorations

In some circumstances, your restorations may be better off not being prepped - how and why?

| 4 months ago

The Pros and Cons of Bonding or Cementing Restorations

Before you even begin your restorative treatment, weigh these pros and cons of cementing vs. bonding.

| 5 months ago

When Virtual Impressions Beat Physical Impressions, Hands Down

What's the benefit of choosing virtual impression methods over physical ones? Dr. John Carson outlines the tools and technology behind the technique.

| 7 months ago

3 Things Not To Say To Your Patients

This article will tell you how to improve communication with your patients by eliminating these simple words and phrases.

| 7 months ago