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8 Simple Steps for Managing Your Patient's Toothache

This article details eight simple steps to follow when diagnosing and treating a patient who comes in with a toothache.

| 7 months ago

How to Categorize Bonding Systems

Learn more about categorizing dental bonding systems.

| 10 months ago

How to Manage White Spot Lesions

Managing white spot lesions can be a challenge for dentists. Here are four considerations for a successful prevention strategy.

| 1 year ago

Key Steps for Success When an Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block Fails

Statistically, you could see alveolar nerve block failure every other day. Here are some steps to take when it happens in your practice.

| 2 years ago

Five Key Criteria for Sealant Success

We know that 80 percent of decay on young permanent teeth occurs in pit and fissure areas, and sealants have proven to be a very useful...

| 3 years ago

Five Critical Criteria for Digital Smile Design

Learn more about the five critical criteria for smile design in adults.

| 4 years ago

Unraveling the Mysteries of Extensive Tooth Wear: Part II

This is a continuation of the discussion of extensive tooth wear from part I, caused by three underlying interconnected conditions, Sleep Bruxism (SB),...

| 4 years ago

Unraveling the Mysteries of Extensive Tooth Wear: Part I

Extensive tooth wear is often the result of a triad of three underlying interconnected conditions: Sleep Bruxism (SB), Gastroesophageal reflux disease...

| 4 years ago

Five Ways to Improve Implant Crown Cementation

It's important to ensure proper cementation for implant crowns. The following ideas will help you achieve the best results: 1. Manage the opening...

| 4 years ago

Facts and Figures: The High-Speed Handpiece

• 1957: S.S. White Company introduced the Borden Airotor, the first successful air-driven handpiece. This instrument is regarded as the precursor...

| 4 years ago

What Does Current Research Say About Pain-Free Injection Techniques?

The following is a review of available research on effective pain reducing tactics during local anesthesia injections. Some of these are commonly used...

| 4 years ago

Four Keys to Implementing Digital Photography in Your Practice

For a long time I used to naively reason that I don't take clinical pictures as often as I should because I need to invest in product 'X.' I thought when I...

| 4 years ago