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Spear Digest


A Return Worth Investing In For Your Dental Career

What's the true value of investing in continuing education and seminars like Airway Prosthodontics? Dr. Jeff Rouse breaks it down.

| 7 months ago

Should Dentists Recommend Wearing Dentures During Sleep?

Years of research have shown the risks of wearing dentures to sleep, but its major airway benefits are worth considering.

| 8 months ago

Defining Hypopnea: What's In a Number?

Developing a solid understanding and definition of hypopnea is key to strengthening links between medicine and dentistry.

| 8 months ago

Nasal Breathing: Keystone to Oral and Systemic Health

Mouth breathing can have significant impacts on a patient's oral and systemic health.

| 8 months ago

Orthodontics: A Link To Health and Wellness?

Studies suggest that orthodontic treatment goes far beyond function and esthetics and may play into patients' overall physical and mental health.

| 9 months ago

Airway Prosthodontics: Taking Dentistry Beyond Sleep Apnea and Advancement Appliances

Sleep dentistry asks 'how,' while airway prosthodontics asks 'why.' Learn why this difference is important and how understanding it can help you better treat patients.

| 10 months ago