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How to Avoid Becoming a "CE Hobbyist"

When it comes to implementing your new CE skills in your practice and with your entire team, are you doing so fully and successfully? This article is...

| 1 month ago

3 Tips for Talking to Your Patients About Esthetics

Discussing esthetics with your patients can sometimes be a little tricky - here are some tips for having the best discussion possible.

| 2 months ago

A Solution to Intra-office Communication That Doesn't Involve Sticky Notes

Relying on sticky notes to communicate with your dental team can make for sticky situations - here's a tip for easier, more reliable intraoffice communication.

| 2 months ago

Isolation: Where Are We in 2017?

The benefits of regularly utilizing an isolation system include less stressful adhesive dentistry and more customized restorations.

| 2 months ago

Non-Surgical Intervention To Open an Airway

Dr. Courtney Lavigne is proof that opening up an airway without surgery is possible and tremendously impactful.

| 3 months ago

Why You Should Be Waxing Your Own Cases - At Least Occasionally

Sometimes completing your own wax-up is the most efficient and effective route to take when treatment planning certain cases.

| 4 months ago

How To Find and Keep Your Dream Dental Team

A cohesive, happy team is at the core of any successful dental practice. This article will help you hire and retain the most effective, qualified and...

| 5 months ago

A Conservative, Effective Approach To White Spot Lesions

In this article, you will learn how to utilize resin infiltration to treat white spot lesions quickly and effectively.

| 6 months ago

The Extended Series of Dental Photographs

In this article, Dr. Courtney Lavigne shares more of her go-to patient photos for better diagnosis and overall treatment planning.

| 7 months ago

5 Tips To Be Adequately Compensated For Your Dentistry

If you're offering your patients skilled, high-quality dental care, you need and deserve to be compensated adequately.

| 8 months ago

An Intro To Basic DSLR Camera Settings

Dr. Courtney Lavigne gives an overview of basic DSLR camera settings every dentist should know in order to ensure successful photography in their practice.

| 9 months ago

8 Tips to Increase Dentistry’s Integrity

You can stop worrying over what other dentists in your town are doing. Instead, use these tips to help you realize your own potential.

| 10 months ago