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Using Digital Guides to Replace a Missing Tooth with an Implant

Precise placement and exact execution are critical to a successful implant-based restoration. Learn how to utilize digital surgical guides to ensure a...

| 2 months ago

Dentistry: Is It Really That Expensive In the Grand Scheme of Things?

Your patients' hesitation to invest in their oral health is likely tied to their perception of its overall value.

| 3 months ago

Food For Thought On How the State of Medical and Dental Care Is Changing

How can we communicate with our patients in such a way that they value treatment rather than being turned away by costs? Dr. Jeff Lineberry gives his...

| 7 months ago

Link Between Medications and Bruxism?

Studies show that there is evidence to support the theory that using SSRI medications can lead to sleep bruxism.

| 8 months ago

Are You and Your Team Limiting Your Patients' Treatment Choices?

The way you discuss treatment and costs could have a strong impact on your patients' treatment and overall well-being.

| 9 months ago

What Are Treatment Options for the Cracked Tooth?

Dr. Jeff Lineberry concludes his three-part series on cracked teeth with a look into best treatment methods for various cracked tooth and fractured cusp...

| 10 months ago

What’s the Common Denominator with Dental Staff Problems?

If you have problems with your dental practice staff, even when you get a new team, here's the one factor you should take into consideration.

| 11 months ago

The Solo Dental Practice: Is It Dying?

As the marketplace for dentistry continues to change, solo dental practices must learn to evolve, too. Are you evolving?

| 1 year ago

Just the Basics Please, Part I: Implant Parts and Pieces 101

Part 1 in a series of articles by Dr. Jeff Lineberry to help dentists feel more comfortable about dental...

| 1 year ago

The Double-Cord Impression Technique

Try using this impression technique to create better dental restorations.

| 1 year ago

The Day I Quit Dentistry

Ever wanted to quit dentistry? You're not alone. But here's how to overcome the burn out and reignite your passion.

| 1 year ago

When Patients Present With Confusing Pain

Nine potential causes of pain for patients who doesn't have an obvious diagnosis.

| 1 year ago