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Loading Protocols for Dental Implants

Shortened treatment times have many benefits for dental implant patients; however, dentists must understand the factors that may influence just how soon...

| 1 year ago

The Implant Working Cast: 4 Steps for Fabricating a Soft Tissue Cast

We break down the four necessary steps for fabricating a soft-tissue cast.

| 2 years ago

The Biologic Fundamentals of Osseointegration

This article breaks down the basic biology of implant osseointegration.

| 2 years ago

Accidental Ingestion of Dental Materials: Treatment and Prevention

The accidental ingestion or aspiration of dental materials during treatment can be particularly troublesome. These tips will help walk you through treatment...

| 2 years ago

A Rapid Technique for Closing Screw Access Channels

Screw access channels are inherent to implant dentistry. I'd like to discuss a convenient technique for temporarily obturating these 'chimneys.' There are...

| 3 years ago