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The Pros and Cons of Bonding or Cementing Restorations

Before you even begin your restorative treatment, weigh these pros and cons of cementing vs. bonding.

| 2 weeks ago

When Virtual Impressions Beat Physical Impressions, Hands Down

What's the benefit of choosing virtual impression methods over physical ones? Dr. John Carson outlines the tools and technology behind the technique.

| 2 months ago

4 Vital Images For Your Dental Lab

This article covers how and why to take and implement these four critical patient photos in your practice.

| 3 months ago

6 Basic Photography Images To Improve Your Practice

If you're wondering how to use digital photography to improve your practice, start by mastering these six basic photos.

| 5 months ago

Why You Need To Be Taking Photos in Your Dental Practice

How can you get started with taking photos in your dental practice? We answer that and more in this article.

| 6 months ago

4 Tips for Decreasing Sensitivity After Composites

Is composite sensitivity just a fact of life? It doesn't have to be if you follow these four tips.

| 7 months ago

Dental Composite Comparison: Venus Diamond vs. Estelite Omega

In Part II of this dental composite comparison series, we compare Venus Diamond to Estelite Omega.

| 1 year ago

Occlusion: Teeth vs. Implants

Whether we're talking about teeth or implants, occlusion can be a tricky thing. So in this article we highlight their key differences in regards to occlusion...

| 1 year ago

Tips on Fabricating Implant Provisionals and Custom Healing Abutments

As I discussed in a previous article, custom healing abutments and implant provisionals can be a vital tool in influencing the soft tissue healing around...

| 1 year ago

Dealing With a Loose Implant Crown

We offer advice on dealing with loose implant crowns, which can be difficult when they're cement-retained with a loosened abutment screw.

| 1 year ago

What Is the Best Camera for Dental Photography?

Dental photography is important for both treatment planning and case acceptance. But what is the best camera for the job?

| 1 year ago

There is Enough Bone!

As we all know, bone is needed in areas that we plan to place implants. And we also know that sometimes it looks like we have plenty of bone to place...

| 2 years ago